Lost in Translation


Is your recently signed foreign athlete, coach or administrator having problems communicating on the pitch? Are they having trouble integrating into life in England? It is often overlooked just how important command of the local language is when it comes to performance within sports teams and organisations. We need to look no further than the resignation of Fabio Capello from the England team and the Carlos Tevez – Roberto Mancini substitution saga as evidence of this. At Express English we are able to offer language and communication solutions to all sporting professionals.


A Unique Service

Express English is the first company in the UK to offer specific language courses for sports professionals. As well as providing an excellent grounding in general English, lessons focus on sporting lexicon, terminology and the vocabulary of sports, coaching, training and nutrition.


picture1Teachers with a Sporting Background

Our Sports English Teachers are qualified language providers. Uniquely however they also have years of experience in the sporting arena, having all played or coached to a high, in some cases international, level. They are familiar with the language of coaching, the environment of the training pitch and the culture of the dressing room. Our Sports English Teachers know what it takes to succeed athletically and they know the importance of communication within that; they look forward to helping your sports professionals unlock their full potential.

How it Works

• Contact us to discuss your needs.

• An initial consultation with the prospective client will assess their needs and current language levels.

• A bespoke 1-to-1 general English and sports-based English language course will be designed for the client.

• Lessons can take place in the client’s own home, their place of work or a location of their choosing.

• Regular progress reports monitor the client’s learning.

Sporting Organisations and Agents

Could your team member or client improve their performance by improving their communication skills? Are they struggling to adapt to life in England? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, or if your client merely wants to improve their language skills, then contact us for an initial consultation.


picture1Overseas Athletes

If you are an athlete wishing to move to an English-speaking country to further your career please contact us to see how we could help. You may also be interested in remote lessons via Skype or our intensive residential courses.

Coaching Courses

If you provide coaching courses for overseas athletes and are interested in adding language training to your curriculum please contact us.

Additional Support

Express English can also provide language lessons to the family of your employee to help them too adapt to life in a foreign culture.

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